How long have you had your own company?
I've had my own LLC registered since 2014, however I have been shooting professionally since 2010.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I am covered for general liability under Lockton Affinity.

Why did you become a photographer?
I don't think I had a choice! Ever since I was young I always documented everything; at first it was because my memory was so bad, but now I can't go through life without photos! I truly believe photographs are important and make the best gifts.

What type of events do you shoot?
I am proud to say almost everything! Wedding, engagement, maternity, family, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, senior/model portraits, work parties, VIP events...etc. I do photograph children/infants with family sessions, but do not specialize in baby photography (aka, baby in baskets). But I do have a wonderful friend who I can recommend for that!

How would you describe your style?
This honestly has always been a very difficult question for me to answer. As someone who shoots many different types of events, I would consider myself well versed in everything and I know my photos come out great for any occasion. I try to take a variety of pictures so that you have many different looks to choose from. For weddings, I am very 'traditional' in the sense that I shoot everything including getting ready, detail shots, bridal party, family, speeches, cake cutting and everything in between. Check out my galleries and decide for yourself what style I am.

Do I own the rights to the photos you take? Can I do whatever I want with them?
Yes of course! I also encourage you to post on social media and would love a shout out if you can :)

Do you use flash?
It depends on the situation of course, but most of the time if natural light is available I use it as much as possible. For indoors, especially wedding receptions, flash is needed.

What time should we have our session?
It depends on the time of year, but early morning/late afternoon is always preferable. I just try to stay away from that midday sun.

Where would we go for our session?
I love the outdoors since it allows for a diverse range of pictures and wonderful backgrounds. Tell me your location and I will try to find something in the middle for both of us.

What should I bring for our session?
I always recommend a different change of clothes so you get various looks, but feel free to bring whatever props you want!

What if it's cloudy for our session?
You should hope for a cloudy day!! Say what? Yes! A lot of people don't realize you get the best photos when it's overcast! However, I will be able to work with whatever light gets thrown my way but I try to keep you in shaded areas. This is because its no fun to squint while the sun is in your eyes!

What type of editing do you do?
All the photos you will receive are edited in some way; you will get a mix of natural looking photos along with some in different color effects and black & whites.

How many weddings have you shot?
I am honored to say I have participated in over 100 weddings so far! Many I did on my own and others as a second shooter. I learned great techniques from other amazing photographers, some of which I still freelance for today.

Do you photograph same sex marriages?
It's insane to me that this is even a question in 2018! Yes, love is love baby!

I would love to book you for my event! Can we meet in person to discuss details?
Of course! I usually meet up with clients at a coffeehouse that's in between both of our locations.

Do you have your own studio?
No I am not a studio photographer; I love being on location- especially outdoors- so I can use as much natural light as possible. So if you are looking for a choice of backgrounds & props I may not be the photographer for you. But I know some amazing studio photographers who I can gladly recommend!

How do you edit the photos?
During the first review I will delete obvious shots like blinks, test shots, miss fires...etc. Then all photos get imported in Lightroom and I work from there. In the end, you will get all JPEG files that have all been edited in some way. I however will not edit out skin blemishes in every single photo, but if there is a particular photo you love that needs extra editing, let me know and I'd be happy to do it.

How many photos will I receive?
As many as I can give! There is no limit, and I really don't think it's fair when you spend all this time & money with a photographer then they give you 5 images only. I like everyone to have options.

When will I get my images?
I generally like to say 2-3 weeks after your event, but most likely sooner because if it were me, I wouldn't want to wait longer!

What type of files will I receive?
All will be high resolution JPEG format files that are non watermarked.

Can I have the RAW images?
Sorry no! I can assure you this is not necessary and most people can't even open up the files. You need photo editing software & my RAWs are around 30mb each. I save the RAWs for years so if need be I can go back and reedit, but I am confident you will love how you receive them.

What type of equipment do you use?
I am currently using a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 600 speedlite. The majority of the time I will use my 24-105mm lens for your session, but I do have various lenses if necessary to change. I also carry back up equipment with me. For your wedding, my second shooter will also have a primary camera along with backup equipment.

Do you send out contracts?
For major events such as weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs I do send out a basic contract. For portrait sessions I don't find it necessary, but will be happy to send you one if you like!

What if I need to reschedule?
I understand things come up and life is weird, and I'm pretty easy going so it's not a problem to accommodate! Just let me know asap that you need to change things around.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash/check/venmo/paypal are accepted.

Do you require a deposit?
For major events that require several hours of shooting I will need a deposit of 20%.

Do you travel?
Check out my galleries! Yes I love traveling to places far and wide, and would love to join you for your destination event. Travel fees will apply if you are not within 1 hour of the Westwood, NJ area.

What type of person are you?
I have been called crazy, but I would say adventurous! I have done many fun experiences including sky diving, bungee jumping and most recently the Edgewalk of Toronto. I try to live life to the fullest, have a passion for wildlife and have participated in volunteer programs overseas. Feel free to check out the “Behind the Scenes” album in the gallery to see what I'm all about!

I have an old/torn up photograph that needs restoration. Can you help me?
Yes I do photo restorations. The fee will depend on how damaged the image is.

This was a lot of information...
Yes, you're telling me! ;)

But I have more questions!
Sure, just ask me in the contact section.

Thanks for viewing!